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Gentle Exfoliating Gel II/100ml RP$77
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Grape Seed Vivifiante Face Wash/100ml RP$77
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Comprises Of:
1) Grape Seeds Vivifiante Face Wash/100ml X 1pc
2) Gentle Exfoliating Gel II/100ml X 1pc
3) Q10 Yeast Mousse Cleanser & Makeup Remover/150ml x 1pc

Grape Seeds Vivifiante Face Wash/100ml

An Antioxidant-Rich Gel Cleanser That Washes Away Skin Impurities While Preserving The Skin's Moisture Balance And Improving Complexion. Start Your Day Off With Radiant Skin With This Refreshing Cleanser. It Gently Removes Dirt, Oil And Makeup With A Combination Of Lotus And White Waterlily Extracts. Your Skin Will Feel Completely Clean, Yet Soft, Comfortable And Well-Hydrated.

Directions: Apply A Small Amount To Palm Of Hand And Lather Up. Swirl Over Dampened Face In An Upward, Circular Motion To Cleanse. Rinse Thoroughly With Water. Use Morning And Evening.

Vitis Vinifera (Grape Seed Extract): Antioxidant Protection Against Free Radicals
Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus Extract): Soothes Skin Inflammation  & Improves Complexion
Lotus & White Waterlily
Root Extracts: Antioxidants And Soothing Effect
AScorbyl Glucoside: Brightening Effect
Olive Oil Carboxylate: Preserves Skin's Moisture Balance

Gentle Exfoliating Gel II/100ml 
A Grain-Free Exfoliator for brightening the skin's complexion. Dissolve away pore-clogging dead skin cells and other impurities with this non-abrasive exfoliator. The Gentle Exfoliating Gel II is formulated with papain enzyme to loosen and sweep away debris, pomegranate extract to protect the skin from free-radical damage and encourage skin renewal for a brighter complexion. Algae Extract and Aloe Soothe calm the skin for a soft and supple texture. 

Use once or twice a week. Swirl over cleansed and towel-dried face and neck with a light, upward message to exfoliate. Rinse thoroughly with water. 

Features & Benefits
•Gently Exfoliates Skin - Non-Abrasive
•Conditions And Moisturizes Skin
•Brightens Complexion
•Antioxidants Protect From Free Radicals
•Balances The Ions Of The Skin
•Promotes Cell Regeneration

Q10 Yeast Mousse Cleanser & Makeup Remover

A creamy foaming cleanser removing impurities and moisturizing the skin. Q10 Yeast Mousse Cleanser & Makeup Remover goes beyond the dirty work of removing makeup and impurities and delivers powerful moisturizers, antioxidants, exfoliates and skin brighteners to help rejuvenate your complexion. Its foaming formula gets deep into pores to remove dirt, oil and environmental grime while Co-Q10 and green tea extract fight free radical damage. Alpha-arbutin naturally lightens unwanted pigmentation and yeast extract moisturizes and revitalizes the skin. 

Take two or more pumps of mousse and apply onto dampened face.  Gently lather up and massage in upward circular motions to cleanse.  Rinse thoroughly.
* It is recommended to use eye and lip makeup remover on the eyes and lips which are the most fragile areas of the face.

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